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postheadericon Update on North American Wood Pole Council Seminar Program

The North American Wood Pole Council would like to thank all of the electric utility professionals that were able to attend our seminar program in 2012.  Both the Wood Pole Standard Course held in Nashville, TN and the Wood Pole Structure Design Seminar  held in St. Louis were well attended.  We are currently developing our 2013 program and should have it posted early 2013.  We hope to see you in one of the seminars next year.

postheadericon 2015 SPTA Annual Meeting

Please join us at Innisbrook Golf & Spa Resort in Tampa, FL for SPTA’s 2015 Annual Meeting. You will be sure to enjoy the beautiful golf courses and pristine grounds, wonderful food and get the most up to date information in the industry. The meeting will be held February 26-28, 2015 (Thursday – Saturday).  Please click here for registration and more information. Thank you.


postheadericon 2015 SPTA Summer Meeting Announcement

The 2015 SPTA Summer Meeting will be held August 20-22, 2015 at the Omni La Mansion Del Rio located on 112 College Street, San Antonio, Texas. Please check back in March of 2015 for more information on this event.

postheadericon Wood Pole Industry Steps Up for Hurricane Sandy

Please click on the following link for the Southern Pressure Treater’s Association press release.  Hurricane Sandy Press Release A (3)

postheadericon 2011 Eastern Utility Pole Conference

The following are a few of the PowerPoints from the 2011 Eastern Utility Pole Conference held in Baltimore in October, 2011. Please contact SPTA if you have any problems with viewing the material. Thank you.


N.T. “Tim” Carey & H.M. “Mike” Barnes: A Wood Pole Primer
Nelson G. Bingel III: ASC O5 Committee: Wood Poles, Crossarms, Laminated Poles
Nelson G. Bingel: 2012 NESC Overview: UG – Clearances – Strength & Load
Mike H. Freeman: Bleeding of Oil-Type / Oilborne Wood Preservatives
Colin McCown: AWPA and ASC 05 Update
Stephen T. Smith: Treated Wood Utility Poles Offer Environmental Life Cycle Advantages Compared to Steel, Concrete, and FRC
Bob Reisdorff: Laminated Wood –Engineered Wood Structures for Transmission and Distribution Applications
Todd F. Shupe and Mike H. Freeman: Effect of Preservative Type and Gaff Type on Gaff Penetration Into Wood Poles

postheadericon Lineman’s Forum On Fiberglass Poles

To read how some linemen view fiberglass utility poles versus wood utility poles, please click here. 

postheadericon 2010 Southeastern Utility Pole Conference Presentations

Following are the PowerPoints and technical forum posters from the  2010 Southeastern Utility Pole Conference.  The conference proceedings on CD are available at the Forest Products Society website for $50 for non-members and $40 for members.  Please contact SPTA if you have any questions or problems with the material.  Thank you.

Author                                                  Title

Keynote Speaker

Andy Stewart – State of the Industry: Emerging Issues and Opportunities


Tom Pope – Wood Pole Service Life and Remedial Treatments POPE

Mickey Rachal – Barky Pole Supply in the Southern U.S. – Projections of Availability

Bill Gay – A New Generation Electric Utility Distribution Pole

Mike H. Freeman & Steve Smith – Wood Pole Engineering Aspects: For The Non-Engineer

Kevin Ragon – Collecting and Storing Data Using RFID Technology For The Utility Industry

Luncheon Speaker – Todd Myers Eco-Fads or Innovation

David DenisonRadio Frequency Identification (RFID): A Case Study 


Charles Morgan, John B. Auel, & Wayne Tucker – MPLT & MIFI: Providing a Framework for Wood Biomass Energy Development C MORGAN

Yonnie Leung – Electric Utility Industry Sustaninable Supply Chain Alliance – Alliance Poles Category Working Team Report

Ross Harding – When Fiber Doesn’t Matter

Dennis Morgan – Accelerated Tests on Several AWPA P9 Type A Solvent Systems Including a Biodiesel Blend FP9-HTS


Paul Cooper – Options for the Management of Poles Removed From Service

J.Dahlen, D. Jones, L. Prewitt & R. Shmulsky – Emissions Released During Kiln Drying of Southern Pine Utility Poles

Jeff Morrell – Emerging Above Ground Issues Associated with an Aging Utility System

Todd Shupe & Chung Hse – Recent Breakthrough in CCA Metal Recovery

Jeff Giffen, P.E. – Strengthening Overloaded Poles and System Hardening with Steel Truss Systems


Terry L. Amburgey & H.Michael Barnes –  From Forest to Pole: 40 Years Observing Deterioration

Craig R. McIntyre & Mike H. Freeman – Pole Specs: What Do They Mean?

Charles Faulds, P.E. & Charles Kerr – TEC Hybrid Pole

Rick Harness & S. Gombobaatar – Perch Discouragers and Raptor Electrocutions – A Mongolian Perspective


David Webb Future of Creosote As A Wood Preservative

John Wilkinson Pentachlorophenol: The Preservative of Choice for Utility Poles

Chuck Shaw CCA Treated Utility Poles – A Short Look Back, A Good Look Ahead!

Mike H. Freeman & Craig R. McIntyre – Copper Naphthenate: An Update & Review   The Cu Nap Paper is here since it was not in the proceedings.


Tim Carey – A Climbing Evaluation of Pine Poles Treated with a CCA/Oil Emulsion System – A 20 Year Update

Cheng Piao & Todd Shupe – Pentachlorophenol Retention Across and Along Decommissioned Southern Pine  Utility Poles    PIAO

Saeed Keshami Langroodi, Hamid Borazjami, D.D. Nicholas, M.I. Prewitt, S.V. Diehl & Shane Kitchens – Forest Products Department, MSU – Evaluating Biodiesel as a Replacement Carrier for Pentachlorophenol (PCP)  LANGROODI

postheadericon Questions on Wood Utility Poles?

We invite you to visit the North American Wood Pole Council for Frequently Asked Questions concerning wood utility poles.  If you don’t find what you are looking for in the FAQs, please contact SPTA or NAWPC for additional information. Thank you.