postheadericon 2011 Eastern Utility Pole Conference

The following are a few of the PowerPoints from the 2011 Eastern Utility Pole Conference held in Baltimore in October, 2011. Please contact SPTA if you have any problems with viewing the material. Thank you.


N.T. “Tim” Carey & H.M. “Mike” Barnes: A Wood Pole Primer
Nelson G. Bingel III: ASC O5 Committee: Wood Poles, Crossarms, Laminated Poles
Nelson G. Bingel: 2012 NESC Overview: UG – Clearances – Strength & Load
Mike H. Freeman: Bleeding of Oil-Type / Oilborne Wood Preservatives
Colin McCown: AWPA and ASC 05 Update
Stephen T. Smith: Treated Wood Utility Poles Offer Environmental Life Cycle Advantages Compared to Steel, Concrete, and FRC
Bob Reisdorff: Laminated Wood –Engineered Wood Structures for Transmission and Distribution Applications
Todd F. Shupe and Mike H. Freeman: Effect of Preservative Type and Gaff Type on Gaff Penetration Into Wood Poles

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